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Apilador eléctrico Serie A apilador retráctil

Apilador eléctrico Serie A apilador retráctil

1200-2000kg Capacidad de carga
0-5500mm Altura de elevación
24V120-202Ah Batería
Apilador eléctrico Serie A apilador retráctil

Apilador con movimiento de mástil

El apilador eléctrico con mástil retráctil combina los beneficios de un apilador eléctrico convencional y un apilador contrapesado. Puede utilizarse en palets especiales y estanterías cerradas.

El mástil puede retractilarse hacia el cuerpo del apilador lo que reduce el pasillo de trabajo considerablemente y es ideal para pasillos estrechos. Gracias a su tecnología AC, ofrece una actuación excelente, operación confortable y segura además de reducir los costes de mantenimiento.

La función de inclinación de horquillas es estándar y opcionalmente se le puede poner desplazador.


Apilador eléctrico Serie A apilador retráctil



The vibration-reduction design of the pedal reduces fatigue of long-duration operation.

Operating tiller has beautiful appearance, and function buttons for comfortable operation. The standard configuration of tortoise speed driving
function allows the truck to move at slow speed more easily.

Optimized mast structure design offers excellent field of view for operations, which is easy for access and exit pallet.

The electronic limit system can reduce vibration and noise when mast move forward.


Traveling speed will be automatically reduced after fork lifting 500mm.

Turning speed is automatically reduced when steering.

The integrated stamping molded guardrail offers better protection for the operator.

Release braking, reverse braking and emergency braking can ensure safety of traveling.

Anti-sliding function on slope can ensure safety of operation.

The belly button on top of operating handle can avoid the driver from injury effectively.

The soft landing system reduces lowering speed automatically when height from ground to fork is less than 100mm, which provides effective protection for goods.


Three-pivots and low-gravity-center design and the high-strength steel plate framed structure feature large residual load capacity, and long service life.

All plug connectors are imported and waterproof, and all cables have reliable protection, which increases reliability of electrical system significantly.

Non-contact proximity switch features long service life and reliable operation.

The mast is made of H-shaped steel channels, which offer better rigidity and stability in comparison with C-shaped channels.

Reach track of mast is made of high-strength steel channels, with longer service life.

Power plug is fastened to truck body, which can avoid damage of plug due to impact when battery is lifted for installation.

Flexible connections of the battery can avoid disconnection fault of battery because of lasting vibration.


The brushless, maintenance-free AC driving motor reduces operation cost significantly.

The meter integrating battery indicator, timer, and fault self-diagnosis is convenient for maintenance.

Back cover can be opened fully, and all components and parts are clear at a glance, which is very convenient for maintenance of the entire machine.